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Holiday/ Special Occasion

IDS Global, Inc.

Wholesale holiday and seasonal items and decorations. 
0 Reviews. Rating: 4.75 Total Votes: 4

Veldsma & Sons, Inc.

Wholesale of flowers and plants during spring. Provide fall, Halloween and Christmas products. Also offer floral and grower supplies.
0 Reviews. Rating: Total Votes: 0

Haunted Memories Changing Portraits

Creates spooky changing portraits based on antique photographs.
0 Reviews. Rating: 5 Total Votes: 1

KBW Global Corp.

Importer and wholesaler of special occasion masquerade accessories. Products include Mardi Gras masks, Venetian masks, wedding and fashion accessories.
0 Reviews. Rating: Total Votes: 0

The Gerson Companies

Wholesaler of home decor and seasonal items. Products include lanters, candles, string lights, electric lights and more.
0 Reviews. Rating: Total Votes: 0

My Wedding Favors

Supplier and drop-shipper of wedding favors and gifts including glassware, edibles, jars, boxes, bath and body products, candles, coasters, bags, jewelry and more. Drop-ship (affiliate)
0 Reviews. Rating: 5 Total Votes: 3