Smoking/ Vaping Products

L.A. Lighter

Wholesaler of lighters. Over 1,000 designs. 

East West Trading Corp.

Manufacturer and wholesaler of tobacco pipes and accessories, ashtrays, cases, lighters, hookah accessories, e-cigs and more.

JT Saniya, Inc.

Wholesaler of water pipes, scales, grinders, plastic pipes, hookahs and vaporizers.

Volo Trading

Distributor of smoking/ vaping products including cases, boxes and storage, taster boxes ant bats, grinders, pipes and bowls, presses, rolling papers and machines, ash trays and metal pokers. \

Mike's Worldwide, Inc.

Distributor and wholesaler of smoking and vaping accessories. Products include ashtrays, cases, e-juice, grinders, hookahs, incense, lighters, pipes and more.

GSM Distributing

Wholesale distributor of aromatherapy products, crushers, cases, grinders, glass jars, incense, pipes, boxes, presses and vaping products.

Inhale, Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of tobacco and hookah pipes, grinders and accessories.

The Sunshine Lighter Company

Wholesale lighters and novelty lighters, tobacco products, pipes, flasks, filters, grinders, vaping products.

GoldenStar Products

Wholesale ash trays, cigarette cases, flasks and shot glasses, novelty and electric lighters, grinders, hookah products, pipes, rolling papers and smoking accessories.

AFG Distribution

Wholesale smoking and vaping products. Also offers  body care items, clothing, gifts, home decor, kitchen products, storage containers and supplements.


Wholesale distributor of vaping products including mods and devices, tanks and atomizers, coils, juices and other related accessories.


Distributor of portable and desktop vaporizers, vape pens, concentrates, e-cigs, vape juice and accessories. Wholesale and drop-shipping information here.

Vapor Nation

Wholesale and drop-shipping of portable, desktop and pen vaporizers, herb and wax concentrates. Wholesale and drop-ship information here.