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About Us
We've scoured the Web to bring you only the best wholesalers online!
wholesaleHAWK.com is a quick, easy-to-use FREE directory of quality wholesalers for small business! It provides access to updated content that includes:

-wholesaler reviews and ratings
-product photos and products offered
-contact information, email and website links

We do not charge for listings at our site.
This allows us to offer genuine wholesale suppliers, as many wholesalers do not advertise. Instead, we seek wholesalers offering updated websites, easy ordering systems, good customer service and great prices! This process includes searching deeper than the first few pages of search engines - which contain an enormous amount of advertisements. After getting through the ads you will find there are many great wholesalers out there! These are the wholesalers you will find listed at wholesaleHAWK.com.

Our listings are very selective. Each wholesaler is carefully reviewed before being listed in our directory.

Each wholesaler is carefully reviewed to ensure:

-they do indeed sell wholesale (in bulk)
-they offer discounts for quantity purchases
-their prices reflect wholesale prices
-they're an original reseller, distributor or manufacturer
-they maintain an updated website
-they require a resale ID for small business

Other factors we look at...

Product Selection
What size inventory does the company offer? Are they original or commonly sold products? Are the products in stock and the inventory kept up-to-date?

Purchasing Process
The goal here is to have a smooth and safe online purchasing process. The order page should be on a secure server. Is it easy for the customer to make a purchase?

We want good prices if we're going to purchase wholesale. We like to see promotions, specials and bargains! How does the company's prices compare to the current market prices for the items being sold?

How fast does the company ship the order after it's paid? What shipping options are available and what are the prices? Any special discounts?

Website Appearance & Navigation
Includes layout and feel of the site; graphics, shopping cart system, links, grammar and overall user-friendliness. Does the site function correctly?

Customer Service
Is the Help or Contact page easy to locate? Is there a customer service phone number on the website? Does someone answer it? How long does it take to respond via email?

Users are encouraged to rate/ review wholesalers!
Wholesalers can be rated on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best. Users may also write a review or summarize an experience about a wholesaler. Lets share and build an informative community for one another!

Other Features:

-email yourself & friends your favorite wholesalers
-search by city or postal code
-quick and easy navigation
-powered by phpLD for fast browsing
99% of listings are USA wholesalers.
We list foreign wholesalers offering English websites and US currency.

Please help make this a great resource for all!
If you see any errors you may submit them using our report bad listing form.

Deliver a superior small business product sourcing solution. Influence wholesale to retail trade. Learn. Share. Have Fun!

wholesaleHAWK.com is owned by Thomas Harris of Bothell, WA. It was started in 2015. Read more about Thomas at his blog.