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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you sell products?
No. wholesaleHAWK.com is a directory of reviewed wholesalers.
How is your site different from competitors?
We do not charge for listings in our directory. This allows us to offer genuine wholesale suppliers, as many wholesalers do not advertise. The suppliers listed at wholesaleHAWK.com have been carefully selected using our Review Process.
Can I search wholesalers by area?
You can search wholesalers by state and postal code using the second search box above.
What location are your wholesaler listings from?
Most are from the USA. We do list foreign wholesalers that offer English and USA currency options on their website.
How can I keep track of my favorite wholesalers?
Use the big blue @ sign located on the wholesalers Details page to send yourself or a friend an email.
How do you determine the Top Wholesalers?
They are computed automatically based on user clicks.
Does it cost to be listed as a wholesaler?
No. It's free!
How do I add or edit a listing?
You must login or register to submit or edit listings.
How can I share wholesaleHAWK.com?
You will see the social media widgets at the top right.
What are the Featured Listings?
They are affiliate (partner) listings. They are not paid listings.
How can I advertise on this site?
Visit this section for more information about advertising here. Advertisers do not have to meet our listing guidelines.

Did we miss something?
Please contact us for more information on something we haven't listed here.